Skin Revitalization in Paramus, NJ

Skin Revitalization

With laser skin revitalization, your skin will take a step through time and reclaim the smoothness and clarity of your earlier years

Most of us have some form of pigmentation on our face that is bothersome. Over the years, we all accumulate color to our face – for some it’s more red and others it is brown. Typically, it is due to too much time in the sun without proper coverage. These resulting brown spots or superficial facial vessels can be quite pesky and when routine facials and chemical peels aren’t the answer, and IPL can be a great treatment option.

Our Approach:

An IPL (Intense-Pulsed Light) uses very specific wavelengths to target blood vessels and pigmentation on the face. Once the optimal wavelengths target the melanin, the damaged lesions are then cleared by the body and slough off, removing the appearance of the lesion from the skin. A few sessions, spread over several weeks, can give way to drastic results.

How it Works

Skin structures break down with age. When this happens, the face is more susceptible to damage, causing wrinkles, spots, and other facial problems. With laser skin revitalization, the skin surface is renewed through enhanced collagen production. Laser revitalization trigger’s the body’s ability to heal itself.

Our Doctors Say...

Understanding how to treat light skin vs. darker skin is very important when using IPLs. The way in which different skin types react to treatment can vary significantly and that is precisely why you should be very selective in choosing your doctor. We pride ourselves in knowing how to safely and effectively handle all skin types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does skin revitalization treatment work?

Laser skin revitalization works by directing powerful lasers to the face, which stimulate the skin at the sub-layer surface. This activates and stimulates the natural healing process of the body by revitalizing the elastin and collagen production, leading to a rebuilding of the tissue that supports the face.

Does skin revitalization treatment hurt?

While you might find the process slightly uncomfortable, this treatment won’t hurt and will have none of the side effects you might get from injections and surgical face-lifts.

Can I use laser skin revitalization treatment with other kinds of procedures?

Yes. There should be no conflict or problem if you are already involved with other procedures and treatments, such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, Botox, and others. These treatments will work together to truly give your face that reclaimed youth experience. Remember: it is important that your doctor is aware of any other treatments you are currently undergoing or planning to undergo.

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