Jawline Slimming / Masseters

Jawline Slimming / Masseters


Botox is a simple, noninvasive treatment that is FDA-approved to smooth wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Botox is safe and effective and can be used for uses other than preventing signs of aging such as treatment of excessive sweating, migraines and TMJ pain.

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Jaw Fillers

Jaw fillers enhance jawline definition and provide a more sculpted appearance to the lower face. By injecting dermal fillers along the jaw, this procedure helps achieve a balanced and youthful look.

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Kybella is the FDA-approved treatment to eliminate a double chin. Kybella works to destroy stubborn fat cells. With Kybella, you are able to approve the appearance and profile of the face and other parts of the body, especially the stubborn double chin.

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Reduce Jawline Slimming

Common causes of Jawline Slimming / Masseters

Jawline Slimming and Masseter treatments are non-invasive approaches to smooth your profile and define your features. Both help to slim the face for a sleeker appearance. Adjusting the appearance of your jawline can reveal your natural beauty and result in more confidence.

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