Is it Right for You?

By now, you’ve likely heard of this trendy new treatment. At the very least, you’ve seen some interesting Instagram or YouTube videos that make think you, “Are they shaving their face”?

Let’s break it down.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the best form of manual exfoliation. A licensed and professional esthetician skillfully and gently scrapes the skin on the face using a medical-grade scalpel. This helps to remove all the dead skin cells (trust us, there is a lot!) and any dry patches. The best part? It also removes all the peach fuzz off the face!

Doesn’t sound so scary anymore, does it?

What are the benefits of Dermaplaning?

Now that we have removed all the gunk, a.k.a. layers of dead skin and peach fuzz, you can expect to have an instantly brighter complexion.  The skin appears clearer and more smooth. Who doesn’t love that! Furthermore, because of the exfoliation, your skincare products are better absorbed, and your makeup lays perfectly on the smooth skin. No more foundation clumps in dry patches or near sideburns because of that pesky peach fuzz.

Should anyone avoid getting a Dermaplaning?

Generally speaking, Dermaplaning is a very safe and benign treatment. It is safe for all skin types. Dermaplaning should be avoided, however, if you have overly sensitive skin and if you have cystic acne. If you have a large active breakout, Dermaplaning should not be performed as it could irritate the skin.

Will the hair grow back darker or thicker?

Plainly put, the answer is no. The hair on the face is difference than the hair on the arms or legs, for example. The hair on the face is referred to as vellus hair. Dermaplaning will not impact the color or texture of vellus hair. You will feel the hair growing back, but it will not stand out in the same way the hair growing on your legs does.

How long until the hair grows back?

The cycle of hair growth is generally four weeks. By then, you can expect the hair to grow back. Same applies to the dead skin cells. We generally recommend our clients receive a Dermaplaning treatment every four to five weeks.

Will Dermaplaning hurt?

Nope! Dermaplaning is a painless treatment, that is also quick and all natural. This treatment is well-loved by our pregnant and lactating clientele, who often need an alternative to other, chemically-based exfoliating methods.

How long is a Dermaplaning appointment?

A typical Dermaplaning appointment is 30-minutes. Clients often pair this treatment with a Hydrafacial, which really amps up the skin and glow factor! This winning combination truly cleanses and hydrates the skin.

Is there any downtime after Dermaplaning?

No. Most people leave the office and directly resume their day. You are also free to apply makeup after the treatment. The one thing that is strongly encouraged is SPF. Since the skin is freshly exfoliated, you will want to protect it with at least 30 SPF. Other than that, there is nothing left to do but to enjoy your baby soft skin.

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